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IPAS Internet Prospect Acceleration System Movies

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What is IPAS Internet Prospect Acceleration System






Who is IPAS Internet Prospect Acceleration System For



IPAS Internet Prospect Acceleration System What Does Success Mean To You?




What Do IPAS Members Have To Say



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Designing The Perfect Website

Building the Perfect Website

Web page design and organization

Web page design and organization is based on the objectives you have set for website and the wants and needs of your targeted audience.  Doing some initial planning beforehand will enable you to create a website that is nicely organized, functionable and easy to use.  You will also want to think about what sources you will need to construct your site and the manner that is will be maintained.

Get your Perfect Website now

Clarify your targets

Consider the following questions when eager about the goals in your Web site.  What will be the purpose of your site?
Attempt to specific the purpose of your website in a sentence or brief paragraph.  When you are precise regarding the purpose of your online website, it can also be just as clear for your visitors.  By defining the aim of your site, additionally, you will ensure that it is the  correct medium for your visitors and to achieve your goals.

Who will you be trying to reach with your website?

A website should be designed with the standard website visitor in mind, however it’s usually catered to and designed for those responsible for creating it.  Ensure you have a clear  understanding of the audience for your website and keep in mind the typical consumer as you create and manage your site.

What are the goals of your site?

Defining specific goals and targets for your site will assist and keep you on track as you set up and create your site, and can result in a webdesign that works.

How will your website be updated and how?

If your website includes information or info that is periodically modified you must prepare to replace it regularly.  Contemplate pricing for services or time need for updates.

Get your Perfect Website now

Determine your needs and resources

Take time to think about what resources, comparable to employees or software programs, are available that will help you create your website and decide upon what route you want to create your site.

Design a consistent format for your pages

Think about design and structure early on.  Whereas the design appears to be part of creating an individual page, it pays to develop the structure of your all your pages on paper earlier than when you actually start constructing pages.  Sketch several designs, select one or two you can refine later.  Do not forget that an efficient web page format is both an attention-grabbing and valuable to its usersl.  Customers can have a better time discovering information on your web site if the pages have a constant type of layout.

Your home page is most important

The opening web page to your web site, or homepage, is by far the most important.  It is a book’s front and back cover and the table of contents to your site.  It explains the purpose of your website, draws the attention of the user, explains how the site organized, and helps the user discover the knowledge he or she wants as quickly as possible.  It is good to incorporate a listing of hyperlinks to the most requested pages on your site to help your visitors navigate through your site.

In case you plan to construct and create the site your self, you might want to begin with easy-to-use software program and modest technical goals.  In case you do not have the technical and design skills available to you, get a free customized pre-configured high quality web site in the niche you specify, complete with the plugins you need and an associated theme, including content.
You’ll be able to monetize it immediately with Adsense, and additional funnels of revenue.  Incudes videos that will teach you methods to do other cool things.  Adding additional plugins, content material, videos, and or promoting your affiliate products or services.

Previously priced at over $1,000 – we have negotiated the price of this offer in order to provide these websites absolutely FREE!  All you have to do is host the site for as little as $5 a month.  Cheers!  Get your Perfect Website now


Perfect Website


IPASNATION – Video Marketing For Traffic


Videos Boost Your Traffic

Videos Boost Your Traffic

Marketing online is one thing that does not stand still and as innovative methods are evolving at an ever escalating speed, video marketing is growing to be more prominent. It can bring a face to your marketing message and if you want to market on the web, this is a great way to drive targeted visitors to your sites online. In terms of videos propagated on the internet, the amount of viewings can be numbered in the billions.  Along with these increasing views, it is additionally the case that people are spending more time viewing each and every video.


video marketing

video marketing

It is the ideal viral tool and has achieved positive results from all the other social websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The accomplishment of these types of sites is that they can be built through recommendation and one of the most effective forms of media for this is videos. This is now more deeply accelerated by new technology hitting the market every day. Videos are ideal for the many tablets and new phones that are being introduced to the marketplace. If you look around whenever you are on the train or walking around your town or city, people are using hand held devices to access media.

It consequently makes sense that video is an vital ingredient of the marketing mix online and yet for many it remains unused. For many of us the sense that it may be too technical or the fear of actually getting on camera can discourage us. The truth of the matter is that online video is much simpler and costs less than you may expect.

If you would like something simple that can do the job for you, then you might want to consider a flip camera which can be totally suitable. In terms of what you are looking to produce, the condition for you to appear on camera is usually not needed in any case.

Videos = Traffic

Videos = Traffic

The utilization of powerpoint slides and screen capture software programs such as Camtasia can quickly get you a powerful sales video online. If you really want a video made for you, Animoto is a website in which you can use a mix of images, music and words to accomplish just that.

In terms of the structure of your video this will almost certainly be influenced by the market you are in. You need to  consider who will be looking at it and then try to match your style to their needs. Top quality content is probably essential if you are projecting yourself as a specialist in your market. On the other hand, if you are reviewing products and services then actually doing some sort of filmed demonstration can be very effective to help people decide. A video that can make people laugh or is a bit quirky can be applied in the right circumstances and can quickly be dispersed around the internet.  If you want more website visitors to your site, video marketing can easily make a big difference to your economic success online.

Now there is an even more way to effectively monetize your videos simply by sharing them.










Internet Prospect Acceleration System In A NutShell

Internet Prospect Acceleration System In A Nutshell

<a href=”” _mce_href=””>LinkedTube</a>



What does success mean to you and how can the

IPAS – Internet Prospect Acceleration System

help you achieve that success.  The #1 factor we must all understand in relation to internet marketing and success is that 95% of all internet marketers fail in their first year of business.


I am sure an amicable percentage failed because they did not take action for whatever reason.  Although I have found in my research that many people don’t take action once they discover the enormity of the learning curve and intimidation and procrastination sets in and leads nowhere.  It is important to not rush into internet marketing but groom yourself into it.


Another  reason I personally contribute to the failure of the masses is the actual products or services being used.  How I wish there was a way to gather statistics of all the pure junk that is readily sold over the internet with big promises of changing your life.  Either these products don’t work or without knowing it many individuals only had one piece of the puzzle and the puzzle box was empty.

The IPAS Verdict


IPAS - The IM System That Proves To Wins

IPAS - The IM System That Proves To Wins

Internet marketers face two major stumbling blocks.  Locating a legitimate system that works for them and the amount of resources required to become successful.  By resources please note, I am not just referring to money.  I am also indicating that time, effort, and commitment are just some of the personal resources one needs to sacrifice to become successful depending upon the system.


Who is Behind iPAS

Chris Jones IPAS CoFounder

Chris Jones IPAS CoFounder

Chris Campbell IPAS Co-Founder

Chris Campbell IPAS Co-Founder

Now let’s take a look at the IPAS.  With more and more internet marketing companies now attempting to provide real value in their products or services,

the founders of IPAS, Chris Jones and Chris Campbell,

have developed the

Internet Prospect Acceleration System

.  This is the  brainchild of their collaborating efforts and it is the consequence of numerous years of experience in entrepreneurship.  Although they are not the only ones who have chosen to provide real value in and with their products and services, they have designed a system that has the potential to demolish the status quo and high percentage of people who fail in their 1st year.


Their goal in IPAS is simple yet intense in theory.  Their approach is to provide an avenue that opens the door to possibilities.  This approach is dynamic by providing the sum of all parts.

This gives you the ability to work smarter not harder by utilizing a system that connects all the dots.  We’ve all have heard the saying, keep it simple stupid.

IPAS is – Business Made Simple

Well not to toot their horn but Chris Campbell and Chris Jones both have achieved multi-million dollar success both online and off.


IPAS is NOT This

“Let it be known IPAS is not a Fish Story,” …Chet Holloway


stopsign iPAS is not a home business itself, however it is an education and tool provider for people in the industry.  In short, IPAS is the sum of all parts considered necessary to succeed in this business.


stopsign Additionally, IPAS is not a MLM, pyramid scheme, network marketing, or cash giving plot.


stopsign IPAS does not require internet background knowledge or experience.  Does not require an education or other specific work experience


stopsign IPAS is not for youngsters under the age of eighteen years


stopsign IPAS is not 100% fully auto-mated however, many elements of the system can be automated (flip-the-switch).  Some work is required to have success with IPAS


stopsign IPAS is not for everyone.  This is the purpose of the application process to ascertain if IPAS is the vehicle to drive your           business machine.



What is iPAS – Internet Prospect Acceleration System

IPAS Success

IPAS Work Smarter Not Harder

IPAS Work Smarter Not Harder

IPAS Money Making Solutions

IPAS Money Making Solutions





As an internet website owner, comprehending the complexity of all parts can be quite extensive and even overwhelming.  For experienced and veteran marketers the constant hustle and bustle can be gruesome.  IPAS supplies a straightforward and uncomplicated platform and marketing system giving its users the ability to create a flip-the-switch sales and funneling process that can be easily duplicated for any business application.  Developed for the beginner as well as the advanced entrepreneur, IPAS delivers a revolutionary method of marketing with a distinctive yet unique use of a simplified system, technology, and tried and tested educational systems.


IPAS - The Elements of IPAS

The educational system is 100% optional but can be utilized to greatly enhance and empower those who wish to excel at a progressive rate.  The great advantage to the IPAS system for newbies as we call them in this industry is, it is unnecessary to learn the ins and outs about your website and how to market it.  You can literally flip-the-switch.  For advance skilled marketers, IPAS opens the door to the floodgates.  While much of this is yet to be revealed, because of the strict lock down on information as the world awaits the grand opening announcement that I personally and preemptively predict will occur in May 20011.  But for what I do know personally by being an experienced marketer and evaluating the system is, IPAS as a whole can create tremendous leverage for its members if they choose to use the ridiculously enormous amount of resources available through back office.  Who couldn’t use more leverage?


Investigate What iPAS Can Do For Your Business by Clicking Here


Apply Now for iPas Marketing System & Platform

Apply Now for iPas Marketing System & Platform










Internet Prospect Acceleration System Launch





Internet Prospect Acceleration System Launch

will be the premiere online marketer’s cream of the crop cash machine.  Many are eagerly awaiting the

Internet Prospect Acceleration System launch

although as many of you may know, fine wine takes time.  As those who are already on my iPas team you are aware that the

ipas system launch

is not this week.  However what you may not know is that the system launch will more than likely occur sometime around Memorial Day.  For those unfamiliar with iPas read on.


has the most comprehensive products and services including advertising and marketing methods enabling entrepreneurs and enterprise proprietors the ability to build businesses with the greatest proficiency and effectiveness. iPas presents you with all the tools, services, and assistance considered necessary to begin, direct and accelerate a enterprise of your own. In doing so, you will also be able to promote the Internet Prospect Acceleration System‘s merchandise through it’s profitable Affiliate program. For a view of preview of whats inside


goto solution



"With IPAS You Can Focus on Building Business Not Running Business"

"With IPAS You Can Focus on Building Business Not Running Business"

iPAS is a industry game changer result.   An absolute, business, training and approach center developed to aid website owners into propelling their business from start to finish.  iPAS developed on three stages of business implementation. Each stage focusing on specific elements to aid you to newfound abundance of success.  iPAS contains premier merchandise to aid and jettison enterprise proprietors to new degrees quicker than ever.



"Investigate What IPAS Can Do For YOU!"

"Investigate What IPAS Can Do For YOU!"

iPAS is an all inclusive business assistance firm.   Guiding, as well as offering any sized business or individual with the resources needed to take their business to unlimited potential.   Huge or small, iPAS will assist any individual or organization to accelerate their growth and provide a long-lasting impression on entrepreneurs around the globe.  In addition to the products, our employees are highly trained and authorized professional enterprise managers and coaches and are ready to help you with your enterprise needs.  Our 10,000 square foot facility is ideal for live occasions, coaching seminars, and independent enterprise training functions. iPAS is your best resource for everything needed to take you and your promotion to the following level. View IPAS INNOVATIONS


IPAS Founders Chris Campbell & Chris Jones

IPAS Founders Chris Campbell & Chris Jones

IPAS - The Elements of IPAS

The Elements of the Online Marketer's Premiere Tool-Kit

iPAS was created by two entrepreneurs, sharing comparable stories.



Chris Jones


Chris Campbell

, who sought out and designed advertising and marketing systems that will benefit any entrepreneur or fortune 500 company.   iPAS was meant for anyone who wants to generate income on the internet, offering the tools, methods, gross sales staff, and complete marketing and advertising system needed to get a product or service off the ground & succeed. With these elements, iPAS creates a systematic approach on a regular basis to advertising and marketing, permitting the user a balanced strategy to any advertising campaign and truly having the ability to concentrate on building your promotion as a substitute of operating it.



wants to generate income on the internet, offering the tools, methods, gross sales staff, and complete marketing and advertising system needed to get a product or service off the ground & succeed. With these elements, iPAS creates a systematic approach on a regular basis to advertising and marketing, permitting the user a balanced strategy to any advertising campaign and truly having the ability to concentrate on building your promotion as a substitute of operating it.








The military uses a term known as “Force Multiplication.” It is an element or a combination of parts that make a given force more effective than that same force could be without it. A force multiplier refers to an element that dramatically will increase (thus “multiplies”) the capacity of an item or group. Like a semi-automatic verses a rifle The machine-gun is several times more practical than the revolver. Thus, the semi-automatic can take the place of a complete group of pistols. Force Multiplication might be programming and systems knowledge, web marketing, sales center & staff. Perhaps seminars & training, facilities, coaching, product creation or joint venture but in the case of the iPAS, it’s all the above and more! Grand opening in 2wks investigate for yourself what IPAS can do for you




Apply to IPAS

IPAS Application